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Picture Framed Deck Designs

February 10, 2013

When building a deck little touches like a picture frame board running the perimeter can really set off a deck design. Even a basic pressure treated deck can be enhanced by a picture frame border and 45* decking.

Toronto Deck Designs

Picture Framed Deck w/ 45* decking

Creating this look is a simple process of installing wood blocking in the proper places to pick up the decking where it ends. Keeping the thickness of your fascia board and desired overhang in mind you can accurately place your blocking.

Alternatively you can experiment with double picture frames and running the deck boards on a angle like in the example. For double picture frames it is a simple process of installing further blocking to pick up the ends of the decking. When running deck boards on an angle I suggest spacing your joists 12” on centre as opposed to 16”. Deck boards placed on an angle will have a greater span and when using 5/4” decking I always space at 12” oc. Angled decking will also stiffen the deck frame and prevent racking.

Tip: Toronto guardrail codes are subjected to Building Code SB-7 and properly installed guardrails usually require some blocking themselves.I always like to install my railing posts before adding blocking for a picture frame to avoid having to tear out blocking to install a railing post, then re-block to pick up the picture frame.

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