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Toronto Interlock Parking PadInterlock has been around for thousands of years for a reason. Even the old Khmer temples of Ankor Wat have floors and walkways constructed in the same manner as we still construct interlock patios today.

Laying pavers aka interlock on a compacted aggregate base creates  a paved surface that is strong yet still flexible, easy to repair and long lasting. Commercial driveways can have up to 16″ of compacted aggregate base.

The most important gauge of quality in an interlocking pavement is the base preparation. While base depth could be 4″ of limestone screening for a residential walkways the base for a parking pad might be 10″ of 3/4 minus crushed aggregate.

Pavers can be made up of clay or concrete however in Toronto’s colder winters clay pavers tend to crumble long before their concrete counterparts.

Learn more about   Patio Base Preparation

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